List supplied by Mary Read (now Dent) and Margaret Rackham (now Booth-Smith): Upper III September 1950 (* = Association members)

Margaret Ashwell (now Attwood) * deceased

Anne Basham (now Ayling)

Rosemary Bowles (now Foster) *

Sheila Brown (now Wilkins)

Mavis Cook *

Jacqueline Covell

Judith Cowley *

Marion Davies (now Morrison)

Susan Davies (now Etheridge)

Phyllis Freeman (now Plant) * deceased

Susan Garrard (now Parker) (joined later)

Janet Gorham (now Laight) *

Margaret Green (now Mayhew) *

Joyce Harper (now Manning)

Jennifer Huntley

Joan Huntley

Ann Johnson

Joyce Kemp *

Hilary Lang

Lynette Lucock

Mary Lumkin (now Davies)

Joyce Miller (now de Francesco)

Rosemary Parravani (joined Sixth Form)

Janet Piggot (now Tyler)

Margaret Pooley

Veryan Preston (now Northway) *

Margaret Rackham (now Booth-Smith) *

Mary Read (now Dent)

Margaret Teager

Jane Walker

Dora Whyard (now Pudge) *

Hilary Wightman

Josephine Woodruffe (now King)


Miss E M Prickett - Head, French

Miss W Hodgin - Deputy, Geography and Maths

Miss Turton - RE and History

Miss L Mills - History

Miss K Evans - History

Miss D Surfling - RE

Miss M Tett - Biology

Miss Watts - English

Miss D Kinch - English

Miss J Perrin - English

Mlle L Barbier - French

Mlle E Feuillerat - French

Miss F Taylor - Maths

Miss Champion - Latin

Miss K Shipp - Latin

Mrs S Manthorpe - Games

Mrs H Neatby - Art

Mrs M Andrews - Art

Miss C Reid - Domestic Science

Miss M Welburn - Domestic Science

Mrs N Bowen - Music