List supplied by Jill Woodhouse (now Todd): Upper III September 1947 (* = Association member)

Jennifer Benson

Joan Brandon (now Jerzyk) *

Joan Chapman (now Howe) *

Jillian Cole (now McMenemy) *

Shirley Cooper (deceased)

Mary Cracknell *

Esther Dean (now Wadsworth) *

Sheila Dean (now Mackie)*

Margaret Green

Lavinia Hambling (now Newton) deceased

Rita Holland (now Wrigley) *

Eunice Hollingsworth (Now Ninkie Ablitt) *

Anne Hopes * deceased

Anne Kemball (now Dentith)*

Moira Leigh

Mary Mills

Jean Pearce (now Beaney)*

Pat Pestle (now Green) *

Eileen Pollard

Margaret Read

Heather Rolfe

Judith Taylor (now Harrow)* deceased

Daphne Tibbenham

Rosemary Unwin deceased

Mary Wadley (now Skelton) *

Jean Ward (now Bloomfield) *

Daphne Whiting (now Murray) *

Jill Woodhouse (now Todd) *


Poppy Elliott (became Woods) - Domestic Science

Mrs Manthorp - Games

Miss Lilian Mills - Junior Lessons

Mlle Lucien Barbier - French

Miss Norman - Head's Secretary

Miss Martha Watts - Senior English

Miss Winifred Hodgin - Geography and Maths

Miss Ethel May Prickett - Head and French

Miss C Helen Turton - History & RE

Miss Monica Tett - Biology