From Association records (* = Association member)

Mary Ashwell

Sheila Brown

Brenda Cochrane

Mary Cocker

Ruth Etheridge (now Downing) deceased

Pam French

Jean Goldsmith (now Clarke) *

Jean Gray (now Austin) deceased

Betty Moss

Gill Newson

Rosemary Newson (now Roberts) deceased

Ann Pudney (deceased)

Margaret Scoffin

Beatrice Snowling (now "Nobby" Williams - PE teacher ) deceased

Valerie Upson (now Pestle) deceased


Miss Pechey  Lower III for most subjects

Miss Searle - Geography and Maths

Miss Chambers - Biology and Religion

Miss Hodgkin - Maths

Miss Hunt - History

Miss Woodrow - Cookery (later Marjorie McConachie)

Miss Cullen - PE

Miss Watts - English?